Anything About Water Filters : For Better Health and Value for Money!

There are many types of water filters in the market.
Everpure, Amway, Cuno, Brita, Culligan, Aquasana, Pensonic, Panasonic, Elken, Diamond, Nesh, Coway, etc.
Huh! Which system is right for me?

When comes to choose a right water filter system for your family, consider the main purpose for you to have it. Every brand of the systems, whether for drinking or for general use, has its own benefit and short-fall. And they are difference in price too!

Questions that you need to ask yourself. What is your main purpose for having a water filtration system?

  • Do you have any health problem and is looking for a drinking water system for better health?
  • Or you would like to keep in good health while preventing and reducing health affect by poor quality and contaminated water?
  • For convenience as well, as boiling of 10 litres of drinking water per day for a family is a very tedious and unnecessarily wasting of time?
  • Are you going to use solely for drinking only?
  • For food preparation too?

Some water purifier is designed for ‘energy’ water. Some for ‘alkaline’ water and some may just very clean water, free from contaminants. For which reason are you willing to pay for a water purifier? As for me, a system that can filter harmful chemicals and bacteria are my main concern. You may have the same concern or may not, it depends on your needs.

In this site, you will get the information on types of water filters, the science and technology behind the system, its function and benefit and how effective it can remove dangerous chemicals and bacteria. Let this short and to the point guide to help you to select a water filtration system that meet your needs and budget. Enjoy reading…