How to Choose A Quality Water Purifier

Listed below are 8 criteria to consider when choosing a water purifier.

1. Safety & Hygiene

  • Is the water filter system certified by non-profit, third party, reputable organization such as NSF?
  • Is it certified to the highest standard of the organization, example Class 1 instead of Class 2 or 3 ?
  • Is the water filter system able to remove harmful chemicals like asbestos and is it certified under the Standard 53 : Health Effect of NSF/ANSI standards?

2. Purpose

  • Do you plan to use for drinking only?
  • Or for washing of food materials as well?
  • Is the design enable you to perform both tasks efficiently without giving you trouble?

3. Flow rate

  • Is the water filter system gives you the flow rate that convenient to you ?
  • Note : High flow rate does not mean water filtration quality is not good.
  • It depends on the water filtration technology.

4. Appearance to match kitchen design

  • Do you prefer Counter top design, sitting on your kitchen top?
  • Or you prefer to hang the water filter on the wall?
  • Or you prefer your water filter system hiding under kitchen sink so that you can have more space for your food preparation and your kitchen looks tidy?

5. Space occupation (size)

  • Do you have enough space in your kitchen if you to choose the counter top design?
  • How much space does it occupied? Is the space allocated by you is enough for the counter top design?
  • If you prefer to hang on the wall, is there any suitable space for you to do so without occupying much of your kitchen space?

Note: System that occupied larger space does not mean better filtration, it depends on the technology of the water filter system.

6. Cost to Maintenance

  • Cartridge, electricity, water wastage?
  • Is there any hidden cost for calling technician?

7. Secret Failure

  • Is the system fool-proof against failure?
  • What if forget to change cartridge, does the system gives ‘alarm’ to us?
  • What will happen if the cartridge is saturated prior to due date (because of over consumption of the drinking water system)?

8. Maintenance Time

  • Is the design solid, what is the changes for hose leaking?
  • Must you call a technician for simple maintenance?

Choose your drinking water system wisely that meet your needs.

You may want to consider Everpure drinking water system.

View photo of Everpure drinking water filter – both installed under sink and hang on the wall.