10 Reasons to Buy Everpure Drinking Water Filter

1. Drinking water system Everpure S100 is certified by NSF/ANSI under the standard of Standard 42 and 53. So no worries on sediment, rust, dangerous asbestos, lead contamination or no worry on having un-reliable drinking water system.

  • Standard 42 : Aesthetic Effects Class 1 (highest class)
  • Standard 53 : Health Effects

2. Everpure S100 is listed in the NSF website to ensure of its certification.

3. Everpure S100 does not use any electricity or gas to function. Click here to see how Everpure system works.

4. Everpure Technology using Unique Pre-coat Design, provide large capacity for filtration, yet meet the high standard of NSF/ANSI requirements. So the water flow (1.9 litre/min) is very fast compared to most drinking water filter available in the market today.

5. Everpure water filtration systems are designed to be installed under sink / inside kitchen cabinet. It uses minimal spaces, so there is no worries of limited space available in the kitchen. However, if there is any request from customer, to be installed above sink, it would be installed at no additional cost. Photo

6. Research & Development : Experienced Everpure chemists, biologists, engineers and laboratory technicians research complex water-quality problems, then apply their expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions before our products are delivered and installed.

7. Hot and Cold water compressor (UL certified, optional item, sold separately) of Everpure drinking water filters to be installed inside kitchen cabinet i.e. under sink.

8. Hot, cold and ambient temperature water faucet of (NSF certified, Optional upgrade) is installed on the sink, make food preparation, cooking and drinking, convenient, space saving and healthy lifestyle.

9. 77 years established in USA. For Everpure worldwide customers and further information visit www.everpure.com .

10. 17 years established in Malaysia. Everpure current customers in Malaysia are Mc Donalds, Old Town Kopitiam, Secret Recipe, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and…

Everpure water filter home system photo

Everpure Product Brochure

Everpure S100 Cartridge Specification