Why Do We Need an Outdoor Water Filter?

  • Fresh and clean water for doing laundry, so tap water contaminants don’t get embedded in your clothing, making your clothes last longer and cleaner.
  • The pipes in your house will not have to contend with deposits and corrosion and therefore, they will last longer.
  • When you take a bath or shower without a water filtration system, impurities in the tap water can cause skin irritation as well.
  • Using filtered water for cleaning your properties like house and car, make your properties last longer and easier to maintain.

Listed below are 6 factors that we need to consider when choosing an outdoor master filter.

1. Size of filteration.

  • Less than 1 micron, less than 10 micron or 20-50 micron?
  • How small is 10 micron?
  • 1millimeter is 1000 micron.
  • Average thickness of hair is about 100 micron. So 10 micron is the size of 1/10 thickness of hair.
  • 10 micron is far enough for the purpose of whole house use.
  • 20-50 micron is not sufficient and less than 1 micron is too small for this purpose.
  • Remember that the smaller the size of filteration, the more difficult to maintain.
  • Therefore, it will incure either higer cost of maintainance or require more time and energy for maintaining.
  • If you prefer smaller size of filteration, are you willing to spend more time or more money for maintenance?
  • Is it worth spending on the time and money?
  • The choice is yours.

2. Materials of Cartridge / Media of Filteration

  • What is the material made of?
  • Is it wash-able?
  • Direct washing or back-wash?
  • How effective is the washing or back-wash?
  • If it is direct washing, who can do the washing? Anyone or only authorized technician?
  • Direct washing is cleaner than back-wash i.e. more effective.
  • Direct washing spent less time compare to back-wash for the same amount of dirt, sediment, contaminants that being removed i.e. more efficient.
  • Direct washing uses less water than back-wash i.e. more water saving.
  • Calling technician to do washing will incure some cost including calling and making appointment by the technician. Washing by your own is free and easy, anytime convenient to you.

3. Materials of Housing

  • What is the housing material? Plastics, fibre-glass, steel or stainless steel?
  • If it is plastics material, is it to be placed under the sun or under shade in your house  compound? Plastics tends to become brittle if prolong exposure to the sunlight.
  • If it is steel material, you need to ensure the unit is properly painted to avoid rusty.
  • One of the best stainless steel quality is 304 which would withstand non-corrosive environment.

4. Materials of Piping

  • What is the piping material? High Density Polythylene (HDPE) pipe or PE(X)-AL-PE(X) composite pipes?
  • Or other types of materials such as PVC pipes? PVC materials is not recommended for water filter piping.

5. Size, Design, Compact, Appearance

  • The design should be compact and look elegance, height should be not more than 100 cm and diameter should be less than 30 cm.
  • The appearance of the water filter should not spoil the landscape design of your house.

6. Capacity

  • Capacity of a water filter depends on the surface or contact area with the unfiltered water. The bigger the contact surface, the bigger would be the capacity.
  • Capacity figure given by any manufacturer is just a guideline as the actual capacity is depend on the condition of the unfiltered water and it should not be used to compare one filter to another filter from different manufacturer.
  • One manufacturer may claim have bigger capacity than another manufacturer based on different environment i.e. tested under different quality of tap water. Therefore, to compare for its capacity, you should calculate the surface area (contact area) of different type of water filter.
  • The bigger the capacity of a water filteration system, the less frequent you need to do washing which means that if the capacity is double, the frequency for you to do washing is reduced into half and it definitely saves you time, energy and water.

Choose your outdoor master filter wisely.If you are looking for a stainless steel whole house water filter that save you money and time on the maintenance, you may be interested to know more on Evermist Master Filter.