Velomist Outdoor Water Filter

10 Benefits of Velomist Master Filter

  1. Filtration above 10 micron particles with efficiency above 90%.
  2. Dirt and sediment does not clog on the non-woven polyester material easily, therefore cartridge lasts longer.
  3. Spend less time for washing as dirt and sediment on the surface is easily being removed through normal washing and it reduces water consumption during washing too.
  4. Pleated design provides high capacity i.e. compact design, therefore it can withstand a large amount of dirt and sediment before servicing.
  5. Open-able for washing without the assistant from a technician, therefore safe time and money.
  6. Easily open for washing, therefore safe time and much convenient and much effective compared to back-wash system.
  7. No easily leak or brittle housing. Housing is made of quality grade 304 stainless steel.
  8. No hassle and time-consuming valve turning. Pressure is released in less than 3 seconds.
  9. Compact design with stylish and elegant look.
  10. High Flow Rate : Up to 20,000 litre/hour (Max) with maximum Operating Pressure : 125 psi