Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Stainless Steel Water Filter

The water filters available in the marketplace today use different technologies and methods to purify the water supply. These filters are made from different materials. Examples include sand water filters and stainless steel water filters.

Stainless steel water filter are filtration systems made with a housing of stainless steel, which provides them with more durability than any other water filter system. The most common grades of stainless steel used in water filters are: 304 and 316L. The 304 is the most commonly used and popular grade because it is comparatively more cost-effective, and has higher quality and durability which ensure longevity of use and a suitability of design for both residential and commercial use.

Advantage of Stainless Steel Water Filter

Stainless steel water filters provide several benefits when compared to those with fiber glass and plastic housing:

  • Stainless steel water filters offer the largest variety in design and size options.
  • You can easily find one that is an exact match to your requirements for flow rate, hold-up volume, and pressure differential.
  • They can easily be used with a variety of different cartridge types.
  • The stainless steel allows for heavy duty construction which makes the filter suitable for harsh environments.
  • They allow for hygienic designs that help avoid dead spaces and pockets.
  • Stainless steel filters allow for designs featuring a flow path geometry that can be optimized to reduce the loss of pressure.
  • Connector options can be provided so that test and measuring equipment can be installed.
  • Gas filtration is possible through condensate drain valves on pressurized housings.
  • Stainless steel water filters are usually approved for use in hazardous areas.
  • They can be cleaned very thoroughly and easily as they allow for unique designs that eliminate all tight spaces.
  • Custom designs and configurations are also available in stainless steel water filters.

Disadvantage of Stainless Steel

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of stainless steel is that like every other metal, it will eventually rust – and that defeats the purpose of a water filter, as the rust will contaminate the water supply. Fiber glass and plastic, on the other hand, are available for less than half the price of stainless steel, require less maintenance, and are corrosive resistant to a lot of chemicals.

Furthermore, fiber glass is lighter, easier to install and cheaper to ship. Where steel structures cannot be unassembled easily, it is remarkably easy to take apart and move a fiber glass structure.