Why Do We Need a Whole House Filter System

Whole house filter systems have become quite common inside Malaysian households. The increase in their popularity is partly due to the old pipes still in use, which contaminate the water supply with rust and other particles. Whole house filter systems help by significantly reducing the turbidity. Are all the systems available in the marketplace similar though? No, and thus, we introduce a whole house filter system guarantees you efficiency, quality, and reliability as well as peace of mind.

Large Filtering Area – Small Pore Size

A filter’s ability to remove sediments from water is a physical removal function rather than a chemical adsorption one. It depends mainly on two essential factors:

  • The Pore Size
  • Filtering Area Available

The pore size is essential as it determines what impurities of which sizes will be filtered when the water passes through. The filtering media is deposited hydraulically over the filter to basically form a filter cake that has a very fine surace. The Evermist Pleated Filter System is able to remove impurities as minuscule as 10 microns due to the extremely small pore size of the cake. The pore’s small size is required for the production of crystal clear water and so that all visible particles are removed.

A large surface filtering area is required to provide a sufficient rate of flow and suitable filtration capacity when the pore size of a filter is small. The water droplets that flow through an Evermist Pleated Filter System’s small pores possess a mist-like quality, which allows for extremely low velocity through each pore. But that is not all as each ABC Pleated Filter System has a large filter area which enhances its dirt removal capacity. To be a little technical, an Evermist Pleated Filter System removes almost all particles up to 10 microns from the municipal water supply at 90% efficiency.

Evermist Pleated Filter System has been designed for longevity and to provide your entire household with filtered water, so you can cook, wash, and bathe in cleaner water that is crystal clear. It lengthens the life span of various household appliances as well, such as washing machines, water heaters, and pressure pumps. This helps you save more while you get brighter and cleaner laundry, and your sanitary wares receive less stains. The unique design requires minimal maintenance and the space-age material used for the quick change, pleated filter is easy to wash, requires very little time or water-wasting, back-washing. It causes no fuss and no hassles at all!