Knowing the Difference in Effectiveness

How do we normally choose a home water filtration system? Most of us buy a water filter system is by choosing a brand that we know. Normally we trust a branded product. Or may be because it is introduced by a sales person. But do we really know how effective is the purification system?

Different technology will give different effectiveness and capability to filter certain chemicals i.e. the filter technology. Even the same technology, the effectiveness can be different because of the difference technology in producing the component or media. For example, two reverse osmosis membrane from two manufacturers can have different effectiveness in filtering chemicals, micro-organisms (bacteria, virus, protozoa, spores) and particles.

Without having the knowledge, we may trap by the misleading information given by a water filter company. We may end up paying more than the value of the home water filtration system or even worst, the water filter cannot perform as per claimed when there is a microbial breakout or chemical contamination.

What is a home water filtration system? It also called as drinking water system or home water purifier. The main functions of a drinking water system are to filter or remove all these contaminants:

1. sediments / rust / foreign particles
2. micro-organism and its spores
3. harmful chemicals

The value of a water purifier is on how effective is the system in filtering sediments, rusts, harmful chemicals and water-borne bacteria and other microorganism.

Additional functions of a drinking water filter may be providing the following to the filtered water:

  • energy to the water (pi water)
  • high pH (alkaline water)