Know How It Works by Knowing the Technology

How do water filters work? This is a question that we like to ask. This is a good question but it is a quite general question. Why am I saying that it is a general question? Every type of water filter is using different technology. And most of the water filters in the market today is using combination of several technologies. How do a water filter works is depends on what types of technology that it is being applied on the water filtration system. Different water filters use different technologies.

Some examples of the water filter technology are :

Different technology of water filtration will give different quality of drinking water.

Even the same techology of water filtration for two different brands, can be different in drinking water quality too. It depends on the processing in the making of the drinking water filter.

Under the different section of individual filter technology mentioned above, I explain in details on each technology. Therefore, it shall give you the answer on how water filters work.