Below here are some fatal cases from drinking water contamination.

The recent outbreak of the influenza A H1N1 which killed 72 people in Mexico and 6 in the United States, is found related to low-level arsenic levels in drinking water. It has killed 72 people in Mexico and 6 in the United States. The finding is reported in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

According to Joshua Hamilton, Mexico has large areas of very high arsenic in their well water, including the areas where the flu first cropped up. Joshua Hamilton is the MBL’s Chief Academic and Scientific Officer and a senior scientist in the MBL’s Bay Paul Center, graduate student Courtney Kozul of Dartmouth Medical School.

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In April 1993, there was a massive outbreak of Cryptosporidium infection in Milwaukee which killed 47 people.

The water borne parasite was transmitted to the residents through the public water supply. That happened because the cryptosporidium cysts passed through the city’s filtration system in one of the water-treatment plants.

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